Top 10 Best Hosting For WordPress in 2020

Do you have or are looking to start a website?

Do you seem to need help for the same?

Why not look at some web hosting for WordPress?

Web hosting services are here to help you enhance your pages. It makes sure that your page is correctly & most efficiently uploaded on the internet. And make it accessible to everyone on the World Wide Web.

The following are the Top 10 best web hosting for WordPress.

Go through them and see how their exceptional service helps you build your website. And attract traffic for your website.

1. A2 Hosting

Top 10 Best Hosting For WordPress in 2020

This hosting provider assures many benefits to you, as a customer. The top web hosting provide fast speed for your website. It provides service for you on the Turbo service, which provides services at fast speed.

This ensures that your website page loads at a fast speed. Another great benefit being, it has pre-configured speed and security settings. This makes sure that you as a customer have no trouble dealing with various settings. A2 hosting also uploads an SSL certificate on your site. This proves to be an electronic document proving you as an owner of the public key.

A2 Hosting is Best Hosting For WordPress in 2020

Top 10 Best Hosting For WordPress in 2020

Another cherry on the cake?

WordPress is pre-installed, and hence the user need not download it.

The price of various deals differs, depending on the kind of speed you choose to go with


2. SiteGround

Top 10 Best Hosting For WordPress in 2020

This is another great platform to help the hosting of a website. This organization was established in 2004. And since then have been providing exceptional service to their customers.

The WordPress services SiteGround offers are –

  • Easy and fast WordPress launch.
  • Smooth WordPress transfer.
  • Good management of Security & updates.
  • Ensures to provide a service with enhanced speed.
Top 10 Best Hosting For WordPress in 2020 SiteGround Hosting

SiteGround provides plans with different monthly charges, such as StartUp, GoBig, and GoGeek.

Hence, you as a customer can choose a plan according to your requirements.


3. Bluehost

Top 10 Best Hosting For WordPress in 2020

Bluehost is another great hosting company. It has also been on the recommended charts by WordPress.org since 2005. A feature used by them to attract customers is providing Free domain name for the first entire year.

Top 10 Best Hosting For WordPress in 2020

They also ensure a support staff with 24/7 services for you. Another cherry on the cake being, few services start at only 199/- per month. So it seems like a pocket service for you as a customer.


4. Hostinger


This organization is another great way towards your WordPress website. And it is also one of the most preferred by many users. They pride themselves on having a dedicated team especially to manage WordPress accounts and pages.

Additionally, they also have support staff available 24 hours a day to help you. They also use a high-end SSD storage which ensures that space does not prove as an obstacle for you.

Top 10 Best Hosting For WordPress in 2020

And they also provide a site that is very easy to use for you as a customer. You can also choose from various themes that they have brought for you. Security and safety is another aspect that they give very high importance.

The best benefit for you is that plans are starting at very low prices. A low as 59/- a month.

So check out their website, and collaborate with them to enhance your WordPress page.


5. GoDaddy


This is another company quite well – known for its hosting services. They also provide a wide range of services for WordPress hosting.

They provide you with the core WordPress software and all timely security updates. Access to 1000+ themes and plugins to choose from. Latest Version of PHP 7. Temporary domain name. Free Business email for the first year, and many more.

Godaddy Review

They provided services that have a wide range of prices, for you to choose from.

So check out their website and contact them to enhance and boost your page.


6. HostGator


They provide specific plans for their Indian customers. These plans start from 299/- a month and have a wide range to choose from. They provide services with pre-installed Jetpacks. This helps you build your website with a minimal amount of coding. They also ensure superior speed and high performance. And also with an added benefit of automatic updates for your page.

Hostagator  review

They provide features that help you increase traffic on your website with simple and easy upgradations. They have maintained three copies of your website content. This helps in case there is an automatic failover with your website or page. This ensures that you do not lose any data. And manage to recover your latest content updated.


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7. FastComet


This is another preferred WordPress hosting site. They have their business established in various countries around the globe. they ensure to provide attractive benefits for you. Such as –

Fastcomet Review
  • Free, quick, and easy domain transfer.
  • SSD only clouds to ensure high speed at all times.
  • Free CDN – Distribute your content to any part of the glove to ensure it reaches all the users.
  • It uses the most powerful and preferred control panel, to make your work easier.
  • Daily/ weekly updates to ensure the best service.


8. Cloudways

Top 10 Best Hosting For WordPress in 2020

This is one of the most preferred hosting sites. They also offer a free trial for you, as a customer. through their services, they ensure high performance, maximum security, and high – availability.

Cloudways Review

Another point to take cognizance of. Other than individuals, they provide services to agencies, e-commerce, and SMBs too. They also have a wide variety of offers to choose from.


9. UpCloud

Top 10 Best Hosting For WordPress in 2020

UpCloud provides you with various high end and optimal solutions. Their services include –

  • Top performance with MaxIOPS.
  • Reliable Infrastructure.
  • Speed up your page load time with ultra-fast technology.
  • Build and test in no time.
  • 24/7 support by the team.
Upcloud Review


10. DreamHost

Top 10 Best Hosting For WordPress in 2020

Another great company to get your WordPress hosting from. This company has also been recognized by WordPress.org. And it is very well-known. they pride themselves on having in house experts in WordPress to help you with your page and account.

Dream Hosting

They also have various plans for you to choose from.


So why wait further?

Check out the websites of these hosts and collaborate with them. This will ensure a boost to your page and help you get recognized.

So take this first step, and get your website map!

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